Market of Grain Drying Machine Is Large

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After China's grain harvest, the loss of the grain is up to around 18% in the threshing, drying, storage, transportation, processing and consumption. These losses are mainly due to climate reasons, the cereal is too late to be dried and it does not meet the safety of water caused by mildew. The sprouting and loss of food is up to about 5%. Therefore the grain drying mechanization for field operations is more important. It is an important guarantee for cereals’ high yield and harvest. China's grain drying equipment need to meet the vast rural market demand in countryside, at present the relevant industry experts pointed out that the development of China's grain drying equipment will have six developing trends.

Moisture of the harvest corn and rice is above 30%, the damp mildew can easily occur, so the saving process must be carried out before the drying, the moisture content will drop below the safe standard. From 2008 to 2010, the domestic dryer population increases by about 50% , the average annual is rising fast according to incomplete statistics. The domestic drying equipment manufacturing enterprises, including those produce all kinds of rotary dryers, are more than 500 and the annual sales is over 30 billion in market. Grain drying machinery development in China is far from meeting the development needs in grain production. Making full use of purchase subsidies, operating subsidies and other policy levers can help to create a series of favorable conditions to the development of the dryer. Some traditional non-high-moisture grain producing areas are turned into high-moisture grain producing areas. The grain moisture of traditional grain producing areas has also been increased to further expand the demand for grain drying equipment space.

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