Principals of Management

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Principles of management

Exam Question 1, 2, 3, 4


Human Resources Process and How it works (#1)

The Human resources process is the procedure of recruiting the people that are going to work for the organization. It is very important for a company to hire the right individuals because the company’s success depends in how well the people were picked. The people are the most important assets of a company since they are the ones that perform the labor and if they are picked well and trained good the product of the company will have a very high quality. This creates good reputation for the company’s name. Managers have to find a way to communicate with employees with respect and kindness rather than treating and yielding since the employees respond in a more positive way if treated fair. How the human resources process works is a complex experience nowadays since companies are looking for the best of the best personal that they can get.

For instance, when human resources want to hire more employees at Harrah’s Resort they post an open position online. After one applies the next step is to meet in person with the individual and ask them several key questions to determine if this person is the right one for the position. Next, the manager of the department has to interview the individual one more time to ensure the individual is capable of performing the tasks. Later, the individual has to be submitted through a drug test to ensure that this person is not using any illegal substances since this can be bad for the image of the business and even dangerous for the individual because they can hurt themselves if they are working under the influence of any drug. Then, they have to go to the orientation and training to get knowledge about what the business is all about and get the necessary skills to perform the job. Finally, they get a performance evaluation after three months by the manager to determine if the individual is good enough to stay in the...