Independent Innovation Is Crucial for Manufacture Industry

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China's manufacturing labor productivity is low due to the small-scale, less capital, poor technology and the week foundation . China's industrial chain collaboration capabilities is week so the resources can not effectively integrated. Practitioners overpopulation phenomenon has been very prominent. While adjusting the economic structure, China's economic growth slowdowns and the excellent manufacturing enterprises in China has come to an end in the era where winning depends on the scale. The manufacturing bubble occurred in a relatively fast stage of the national monetary control of the economic development. The bubble economy of the United States is to the credit crisis and the loss of manufacturing.

Europe, the United States and other countries will take the "re-industrialization" and re-erected barriers to trade. By the rules of the carbon tax, labor standards and social responsibility to regain international industrial competition dominance, the governments of the United States and Europe are forced to find a new way out of domestic energy. China does not have advanced level to form a group of representatives of industry. Large enterprises occupies a large market share of international competitive advantage and also failed to form a number of technical features and professional collaboration supporting pattern. In addition, the lack of world-class multinational companies and low resource utilization and economic efficiency can not be ignored. Chinese manufacturing industry needs to deepen reform and that is the direction of policy. Improve core competitiveness through technological innovation is the most important. Companies need to find ways to hire professionals through joint training colleges and universities to increase the professional and technical personnel. As a member of the manufacturing industry and jaw crusher supplier" href="">jaw crusher supplier, we aim to enhance the technological level of the...