Intellectual Property Infringement

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Intellectual Property Infringement


Reinaldo Diaz

Langston University

ENT 5401-41 Patent, Copyright, Trademarks

Professor: Dr. Surya Singh

© October 29, 2012


This paper is an evaluation of some of the intellectual property infringement issues that are happening around the United States. It will explore what is intellectual property, what types of intellectual property exist, how intellectual property violations occur, how the law gets involved, what the law does to those who get involved in the practice of unethical intellectual practices, what the effects are of producing counterfeited products in other countries and bringing them to the USA, what economic and social impact those issues can have on a company, and how those issues can be prevented.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Individuals create products, graphics, and services. These ideas, products and services are created by people with the intent of providing a solution to a problem to society, while expecting to make money. It is assumed that everyone will respect these ideas, products and services. This action is called ethics; however that is not the case all the time. There are people who take the time to reproduce someone else’s invention, product, idea or service without the originator’s consent. This behavior is not tolerable and it is punished by the law. If the case is taken to court, and someone is found guilty of infringement; the law will compensate the affected party for damages caused by the unethical party. The infringement action does not only impact the company, it also impacts a family, a city, and a country. Even though there are companies that have been severely punished for taking someone else’s intellectual property and had been ordered to pay millions of dollars for their action, there are people who still violated other people’s intellectual properties. With this in mind, Will intellectual...