Wuthering Heights Summary

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First of all, what stood out was the very huge vocabulary of the writer in that I had to keep a dictionary with me just to understand the subtle messages conveyed in between the words. As soon as one gets used to the wordplay, it actually turns out to be a very wittily written book.

The tale is told not in the eyes of the hero nor the heroine, rather their exploits are relived through the eyes of the people that knew them. This forms a carrot for the reader to chase in the hopes of truly knowing what makes the central characters tick.

The characters themselves are not without life in that their personalities seem to be magnified since their actions are painted with the words of others in a somewhat "gossipy" tone. Their tales directed to the narrator of the novel, as he himself comes to know Mr. Heathcliff, his overall demeanor and how he came to acquire Wuthering Heights from the Earnshaw’s.

Mr. Heathcliff, a morose man by superficial standards actually turns out to be ill-tempered and upright towards his servants but this actually comes from a deep wanting to be recognized, one could almost say "greed" to get revenge on the Earnshaws, most notedly, toward Catherine Earnshaw’s brother. Their hate deeply rooted since childhood when Heathcliff was first brought to their home.

As for the relationship between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, Heathcliff turned out to be just one of the men in Cathy’s life. Typical of childhood lovers, their forbidden relationship added spice to their romance, with raging hormones as a catalyst. But, Heathcliff outgrew childish actions as the story unfolds further. I won’t be providing further details on their tale as it is an experience in itself, albeit somewhat of an acquired taste judging by todays standards.

Overall, it appeals to readers of a classical taste or those that have gone tired of todays angsty novels. It’s a good reference point of how the quality of writing has evolved and progressed over the...