Benefits and Drivers Proposal

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Benefits and Drivers Proposal

In order for any company or organization to be success and to have longevity, the organization should direct its focus on creativity, design, and innovation. Consulting Team A was asked to review the Walt Disney Company to determine how innovation, design, and creativity support the established goals and objectives. The consulting team will also identify internal and external drivers to the Disney International.


Innovation, design, and creativity have significant influence on the performance of any organization. These characteristics are displayed through an organization’s behavior derived from their policies and procedures. Employees respond differently depending on their work environment. An organization needs to promote these characteristics to avoid becoming stagnant in their market. Failure to do so promises any organization an evitable end.

Creative individuals are known for eccentric personality. In addition, these individuals are known for immersed and obsessed with their work proving to be a driving factor in their success. An organization has to manage their policies to provide their employees with a sense of autonomy and intrinsic but maintaining a balance between structure and freedom. Positive motivation offers organization grander rewards from their employees. Thomas Edison was known for having creative ideas and a successful businessperson. Edison also failed to motivate and retain a great employee Nikola Tesla the known as master of lighting. Tesla was made promises that Edison failed to keep and Tesla spent his life trying to bring his work to the world. Transitioning great creative ideas to commercialization can prove more difficult than most would think.

Creative ideas sometimes go lifetimes without proper implementation and some never reach commercialization. After an organization selects a creative idea, their next step becomes developing it and then commercializing it for consumption from...