Philadelphia Phillies

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Philadelphia Phillies Analysis

Hazel E. Mulkey


A championship team does not fill a stadium. A decisive, innovative marketing plan that utilizes technology, social media, television, radio, and internet radio can. In association with grass roots applications, the Philadelphia Phillies can ensure growth through data management in lieu of a championship, as most teams have to do without a championship season. If not properly maintained, an adverse effect will occur over a period of time

Philadelphia Phillies Market Analysis

A baseball franchise is more than just a team; it’s a business in an extremely competitive market, with a limited number of participants. Nonetheless, teams that have a winning record are the ones that will stand out the most and can leverage a winning season to create a venue of income that can assist with branding that must be addressed and or created to ensure that “the team” becomes an icon through visual recognition or any other method of advertisement. Some teams are however not fortunate to win a championship and must be creative beyond the home town favorite and state pride fan base. A creative and new approach must be sought to create, maintain, and grow a brand name product, when you look at the Philadelphia Phillies they did just that after their 2008 championship.

The business side of the franchise wants you to come and have a fun day at the park. In the new stadium they offer a fun zone that is not only appealing to children but to adults as well. Besides offering a fun zone that kids and kids at heart like, they offer great places to eat and drink for adults to watch the game with their co-workers and friends. Baseball is a game that has evolved into this fun loving and exciting experience that people remember as the American past time. It used to be a place that father and son would spend their day eating hotdogs and watching a game into the summer night....