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Kohlberg’s theory of Moral Development charts how morality is developed and it shows the different rationalizations for each stage of development. There are three major stages in Kohlberg’s theory: preconvention, conventional, and postconventional. During the preconvention stage rules are rarely questioned and adhered to because of the direct consequences to the individual. During the second stage, people begin to rationalize how their choices affect others. In the last stage of Kohlberg’s theory, people began to analyze rules ensuring that they are fair and practical: Choices do not focus on consequence but fairness and one own perspective. This theory helps to understanding why people plagiarize, whether international or intentional. Moral development creates an understanding of why people choose an action after fully being aware of the possible consequences. In order to simplify choices, Kohlberg’s theory of Moral Development analyzes the development of decision making and the fundamentals for each premise.

First, the rules of plagiarism are explained and expounded upon continuously. People are fully aware that plagiarism is wrong because it is cheating. The different ways to plagiarize have been explained and the consequences for this action have also been elaborated upon. As a result, according to Kohlberg’s the consequences are the most important element that prevents one form plagiarism. However, students start to look at their personal situation and what in their best interest and not so much concern with punishment, rather, how the action could affect them and only them.

As one begins to mature and develop a need to become successful, people become more and more interested in fulfilling their own desires. Often, many people plagiarize because they do not feel that they are capable of achieving success on their own. This conflicts with meeting the expectations of others because they lack that ability. As a result, they resort to illegal...