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Group Problem solving and Creativity




The importance of group creativity and problems solving skills is being accepted by all types of business (Freedman & Kuhn 1988). The need for organizations to be competitive, compact with rising levels of complexity and transformations has forced managers, administrator, and those concerned with the future viability of places of work to deal with modernization and inventiveness.

Groups have been defined in various ways. Most definition point out that a group is something more than the simple sum of its member. The following definition will be used for this paper: “a group is two or more being in the face to face contacts, each alert of his or her relationship in the group, each alert of the others who are in the group, and each conscious of their positive interdependence as they attempt to achieve common goals” (Johnson & Johnson 1982).

Hanson (1981) has indicated, “As society turn into more complex, and organizations become multifaceted, decisions that influence many lives are often prepared by individuals. Choicer making is made within the framework of the group.” There are many occasions, which call for, the application of individual skills and abilities towards the expansion of creative solutions. This changing weight does call for more participation on the part of individuals working to attain competence and innovations.

As a worker in World Milk Company, we had a problem as workers with the management. The problem was all about the advertisement of the Milk. It was only targeting the urban areas and Children thus making the company to collapse. We as workers had to come together with solutions that might be able to help the company and altogether the workers. The manager of the company after listening to cries finally picked...