Capital Punishment

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The English Dictionary defines capital punishment as punishment by death for a crime. This is also known as death penalty.

Crime is an evident part of society and everyone is aware that something must be done about it.

Punishment is meant to give justice to the wrongdoer and keep him away from doing it again.

Capital punishment has continually created tension in today’s society as to whether the “death penalty” serves as a justified and valid form of punishment. There are two opinions to this topic. One is in support, and the other is against.

I am in total support of death penalty as punishment for murder and other heinous crimes. My reasons are as follows:

The purpose of our entire criminal justice system is to protect the rights of life, liberty, and property for all its citizens. To do this, the punishment for crime must be harsh enough to deter potential criminals. Although, people have always argued over the morals and effectiveness of such harsh sentence. They even challenge death penalty as a violation of the eight amendment here in the United States, which says that U.S. cannot use “cruel and unusual” punishment.

But to control criminality, the reward for crime must be severe and harsh. Under this mindset, the death penalty makes perfect sense. Here is a punishment that truly makes a criminal pay for his crime, stops the criminal from committing it again, and also deters other criminals from committing the same crime.

With death penalty, mourning families who have lost loved ones can at least have a sigh of relief, and be assured that the person who murdered their loved one will never live to kill again. Why do i say so? I say this because in recent times attorneys are protecting the rights of the accused, while the family of the victims often get lost in the legal proceedings. They receive inadequate compensation for their loss; while the accused is being protected by laws. Situations of this manner can make affected...