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Hi my name is Amber Cline, I am 31 years old and was born on July, 8 1981 in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. I have two older brothers and pretty much grew up living the military life. Our dad was in the U.S. armed forces and got to see some pretty amazing things from moving around a lot. My mom was and still is a homemaker. I am now living in Mississippi where I attended high school and graduated in 2000. I took a two year vocational course in child development through my last two years of high school. I also studied animal nursing for one year. After everything I have seen and done I love to meet new people, working with kid’s, traveling and I am a dog lover. I am a very outspoken, fun, outgoing and sweet person. I suffer from an illness and have been struggling to get where I want to go, but I always learned to never let anything or anyone interfere in the most of my abilities to do and be what I want.

My main goal as of now is to have a great career and finish what I start no matter how long it takes. I come a very long way into taking my hobbies, interests and turning it into something great so I have chosen this career style with helping, communicating and organizing my way to make it in the top of my list. Sometimes the future holds very different pattern’s a person takes but as long as you succeed in doing those important things it doesn’t really matter how you do it but it’s you did it and feel accomplished to your liking. This is basically how I am doing it and will get it done.