Nwt360 Week 1

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NETW360, Professor’s Name

Date: 11/2/12

Lab #1, Tutorial

Lab Report

Even thou I already used OPNET IT GURU on previous classes going through the tutorials helped me refresh many things.

Starting with the introduction I recalled about the project editor how to used it and recognized the main parts:



Also the tool bar in the project editor that you can use to save, create, open, zoom, etc.


On the small internetwork session you can see how IT Guru can do organizational scaling to solve a typical “what if” problem and also learn how to build and analyze network models.

In Lan Modeling I sow how to configure the module palette with the models I need. How to setup applications and profile configurations, also how to apply filters to graphs.


On the Wireless I learned about radio Link Issues, connectivity and site position. With OPNET I can simulate networks that include moving sites (both nodes and subnetworks) radio communications.


On the netdoctor I learned that I can audit networks by locating network problems cause by misconfigurations, also to identify hidden problems that may affect the network in the future, to validate network configuration against policies and to send notifications of potential problems to other users.


On the Express import tutorial I learned how to import the baseline network, how to correct the configuration with the import assistant, to correct problems with unnumbered interfaces, to correct problems with unspecified interface data rates, how to save configuration details in model assistant file, how to specify the assistance file, how to examine the network, to import traffic and how to determine link utilization of the baseline network.