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Appendix E

Part I

Define the following terms:

Term | Definition |

Racial formation | A sociohistorical process by which racial categories are created. Inhibited, transformed, and destroyed. |

Segregation | The physical separation of two groups, often imposed on a subordinate group by the dominant group. |

De jure segregation | Children assigned to schools specifically to maintain racially separated schools. |

Pluralism | Mutual respect for one another culture, a respect that allows minorities to express their own cultures without suffering prejudice or discrimination |

Assimilation | The process by which a subordinate individual or group takes on the characteristics of the dominant group. |

Part II

Answer the following questions in 150 to 350 words each:

* Throughout most of U.S. history in most locations, what race has been the majority? What is the common ancestral background of most members of this group?


Throughout most of the U.S history in most locations and race that has been the majority was the white race among the some 300,000,000 people living in the United States and that is in 49 of the fifty states not counting Hawiie.The white race that included Hispanic American and Non Hispanic Americans. In the Midwest the Hispanics hold the highest portion of population in the Midwest of the U.S. Non Hispanic make about 79 percent of our population. The ancestry are from Europe and Middle East.Non Hispanic came to North America and homesteaded here to this place learning from the natives. As time went by more and more came over and the population began to grow even more. The White American has always became the most promanate race. Natives taught the Europeans to live in America and then that’s when we took over there land and killed them and segregated them.

* What are some of the larger racial minorities in U.S. history? What have been the common ancestral backgrounds of each of these...