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Research Paper

Wal-Mart Corporation: How it Manages Knowledge As a Corporation

Tarnesha Watkins

MSA 600


Section Page

Introduction 2

Background 2

Strategic Analysis 4

Business Model 3

Financial Perspective 7


Appendix A – Financial Comparison 11

Appendix B – SWOT Analysis 12

Bibliography 13


In today’s society economic growth is mainly driven by the accumulation of knowledge. Knowledge is a valuable resource that is critical for explaining performance differences within an organization, innovation, market dynamics, and government issues. The economy has become more reliant on knowledge, due to the effects of economic issues. The resources that use to be available to acquire organizations with the knowledge are limited. This means administrators have to rely on its organization staff to have and obtain knowledge to provide a more effective process. In a recent study, the highest evaluation was given to the knowledge of customer’s needs and preferences (Karaszewski, 2008 p.67). Professional development is the most common way organization provides their staff with knowledge. Outside of professional development, administrators rely on the individual to obtain higher degrees by providing tuition programs. Overall, the abilities to create, acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge within an organization is recognized as essential for gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage. I have decided to research the organizational structure, coordination mechanisms, and cost and benefits as it relates to Wal-Mart Corporation and its overall success in years to ahead. The purpose of this research is to identify Wal-Mart’s strategy, an overall analysis that will explain Wal-Mart’s market and financial strategies, as they relate to the management of knowledge.

Sam Walton, a leader with an innovative...