Verizon Cultural Diversity

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Nova Southeastern University

Wayne Huizenga Graduate School

of Business & Entrepreneurship

Assignment for Course: MGT 5020 – Managing Organizational Behavior

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Submitted by: Milen Kunev (N01545766)

Kimberly Liburd (N01447967)

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Dwayne McKnight (N01147131)

Douglas Mercado (N01577480)

Date of Submission: November 24, 2013

Title of Assignment: Encouraging Cultural Diversity in the Workplace for Verizon


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Encouraging Cultural Diversity in the Workplace for Verizon Communications Inc.

Milen Kunev, Kimberly Liburd, Hilary Malave, Dwayne McKnight,

and Douglas Mercado

Nova Southeastern University

November 24, 2013

Table of Contents

1.0 Encouraging Cultural Diversity in the Workplace (Hilary)1

1.0.1 What is Cultural Diversity? (Hilary)1

1.0.2 How does cultural diversity impact the workplace environment? (Hilary)1

2.0 Company Overview – Verizon Communications Inc. (Hilary)2

2.0.1 Who Verizon is? (Hilary)2

2.0.2 Where Verizon impacts? (Hilary)2

2.1 Verizon’s Mission, Values & Vision Statements (Hilary)3

2.1.1 Verizon’s Mission, Values & Vision (Hilary)3

2.2 Service Offering (Hilary)4

3.0 Market Summary (Milen)5...