Cause and Effect Sims

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Dante Gordon


Cause & Effect Essay

What are Sims? Sims are interactive strategy simulation game dealing with real life experiences from romance to death. Throughout the years Sims have become more popular and resembling more real life situations by expanding it contents. In a way Sims function as an alternate universe where the player act as a god; doing whatever he or she wishes. Even though Sims are a game, their overall effects are that they promote creativity in people and act as a stress outlet.

First, an effect of helping the Sims popularity grow is that it promotes creativity. Playing the Sims promotes creativity by adding features that inspire persons to create whatever the heart desires. It provides tools and hands trillions of interactions between sims that it becomes addictive. There is no limit to how many Sims you can create nor a right or wrong sim. Sims allow you to create your dream house or dream universe by creating buildings and places for your sims to interact. Creativity flows through everyone all it needs is an outlet and it will form. The Sims are not portrayed to a certain fan based so anyone can play and create till their hearts content.

Second, another effect is that it acts as a stress outlet. It soothes the mind and helps people relax. The Sims are personal they reflect what we believe or want like a personal diary of sorts. Its an stress outlet by letting players create people they dislike into their game and take frustrations out on the sim rather than the actual person. An example would be a employee creating a sim that resembles his boss and starting a fight with the two. Its more of an healthy way than bottling it up for a person who dislikes confrontation but expressing themselves in a better way. The Sims acts as another universe as a player see fit its there for entertainment and to blow off steam without really doing any damage.

In closing, the Sims are a simulation game that requires some...