Nusing Homes/ Persuasion

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There is no way around it, if we live long enough we will get old. We will become a senior citizen. Do you know what you will do, were you will live, how you will adjust, who will make your decicions. A popular option for most elderly is nursing homes or a service something like them. A growing concern is the neglect and abuse going on in nursing homes. What inspired me to research this issue is my grandfather Robert who passed away in 2001. He hated nursing homes. I remember being sixteen and sitting in the room and crying with my grandfather this proud man that had worked at ford for over 30 years and raised nine children as a single father. He sat and cried because he did not want to go to the nursing home, he abosolutely hated it. We provided at home care to him as long as we could but eventually he was placed back in a nursing home. I can recall going to see my grandfather on one holiday and seeing sores on his body. When I asked the nursed were they came from they couldn’t answer. Amost seven years later I am still bothered by that day. It makes me wonder what it will be like for me when my time comes. Will I be taken care of properly and be in a safe environment. Nursing home abuse is a problem and we must see the signs of patient abuse, how to prevent abuse and how important it is to pick a good nursing home in order to prevent the elderly abuse in nursing homes .

Elderly patients in nursing homes are often frail and vulnerable. They depend on their caretakers mentally and physically, whether it’s for bathing, exercising, food and water their health care is very important. They also deserve the best care as possible. However, there has been a numerous amount of cases proven that many nursing homes are failing our seniors. Elderly abuse may be a difficult situation to handle emotionally and mentally, that is why it is very important for families with seniors in nursing homes to stay informed and aware of the good and bad issues they will have...