Thorough Directions of Hammer Crusher

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HPartners Wanted For Placer Mine Bcammer crusher has the benefits of higher productive capability, superior crushing ratio, reduced electrical power usage, uniform solutions particle dimension, easy construction, compact and light, very low investment cost, simple to management, and so forth. The defects are, when crushing quite tough components, it is going to result in higher put on of hammer and grate and consume much more metal; it wants extra servicing time and uniform feeding of elements; when crushing soft-moist materials, the capability will come to be considerably decrease and even halt on account of substance jam. In order to prevent jam, the moisture information of materials must be less than 10%-15%.

three. Technical Information

four. Operating Principle

Hammer crusher primarily consists of frame, rotor, trapezoidal iron plate, bar grate, and so forth. And the frame includes the upper element and the reduce component, which are made of welded reduce armor plate, when other components are connected into a single by bolts. High manganese steel liners are mounted from the frame and can be replaced after wearing out.

There are numerous sets of hammers outfitted on the principal shaft with the hammer crusher in typical distribution. They constitute the rotor with dial and hammer shaft. Driven through the motor and V-belt, the main shaft rotate with rotors. And also the rotors spread to the surrounding extensions below the centrifugal force brought from rotating. So when major elements fall in to the crushing cavity of hammer crusher, they are going to be broken into pieces by high pace rotors. The qualified elements right after crushing is going to be discharged in the gap of grate on the bottom, even though individuals unqualified ones will even now remain during the crushing element and then discharged when they attain the acceptable dimension just after repeated actions of hammers and trapezoidal iron plates.

five. Installation...