To Kill a Mockingbird

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English Speech

Good morning/afternoon my name is Atticus finch and I am a character in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Evident through my attitudes and values I have been represented by Harper Lee as a hero. Today I want to persuade you that I have been created appropriately for the time and place of the novel. I am represented as a hero for many reasons as I am one of the only people who do not judge a person because of the colour of their skin but because of their character. This is shown through how I defended Mr Tom Robinson in the court case that I was assigned, this sets me apart from people in Maycomb because not many white lawyers would defend a coloured person. This really sets me apart from the rest of the towns folk and at one point put me and my children in mortal danger. I have a strange relationship with my daughter scout as I normally treat her like a son because she likes to act like one of boys, my son Jem and I are close although he doesn’t like to show his affection when in the public. I have a good relationship with Mr Tom Robinson because I defended him in the court case to do with the Ewell family. Tom Robinson was a good honest man who didn’t deserve what the court accused him of. Harper Lee uses me to bring out some aesthetic features like the time I told my children that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird, I told them this because mockingbirds are harmless and the only thing they do is sing their heart out for us to enjoy. I told them about this in chapter ten and it refers to how innocent people can be destroyed by evil. The imagery Mr Harper Lee uses in the novel is to do with the great depression which is shown through the Cunninghams because of the way they payed my family back was by bringing us food because they didn’t have any money to pay us with. I believe I have been created appropriately for the time and place but I am a very different person compared to the others in the town that we live in. When I was defending Mr Tom...