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Part 4: Starbucks—Organizing

1. What types of departmentalization are being used? Explain your choices. (Hint: In addition to information in the case, you might want to look at the list of corporate executives on the company’s Web site.)

In my opinion Starbucks is a geographical structure are used because as we can see Starbucks are across the world, they need to deal with different cultures and work ethics based on the local situation such as China . Geographical, this allows the company to deal with this kind of problems.

 2. Do you think it’s a good idea to have a president for the U.S. division and for the international division? What are the advantages of such an arrangement? Disadvantages?

I think it’s a good idea to have a different division for Starbucks; the disadvantage is the different presidents will have different ideas to solve some problems and has some conflict; also their future plan may have conflict with each other. But it also will help the Starbucks to solve some local problems more efficiency because they are more familiar with the place developing situation. As the growth of Starbucks, the company will easier to melt in local market.

 3. What examples of the six organizational structural elements do you see discussed in the case? Describe.

Departmentalization; This helps the Starbucks decide which jobs and operations should be put together to work on. Decentralization; This helps Starbucks successful. All levels of employments have right to make decision. Span of Control; each manager visit 8-10 stores, limited the number of control and more efficiency. Chain of Command; store managers to district managers Cross-Functional teams; different function people to work together to produce the better product.

 4. Considering the expense associated with having more managers, what are some reasons why you think Starbucks decided to decrease the number of stores each district manager was responsible for,...