Conflict and Decision Making

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Conflict and Decision Making

GM 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Course Project

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Dr. Matasha Murrell

December 4, 2011

Conflict and Decision Making

There are many issues that are often seen in organizations. One of these is the dichotomy between conflict and decision making (Robbins, 2008). How these are addressed, both by themselves and together, and how they are understood by the people in that organization can have much to do with how the organization progresses and whether the people in it get along and understand one another (Robbins, 2008). Conflict does not always come from bad decision making. It can come from disagreements over decisions that turn out to be good, and it can also come from failure to make decisions in a timely manner, or at all. Wherever it comes from, conflict is often tied to the decision making process, and it is an important and necessary part of running a business (Robbins, 2008).

The ABC Consulting group is a physics group that provides physics services and solutions to cancer care centers all over the world. This company started out when I began with them as a small 30 person operation that solely resided in Ohio. By the time I left the organization, the company has grown to over 100 employees worldwide. I was with the company for four years before I parted ways and in this four year time span the company was bought and sold four times thus growing the business to almost triple in size. During my time with ABC, the company management team promised that all the changes in this time period would only guarantee its employees a safety net and more job security. The company employees were forced to trust in the company's ability to make the best decisions for the better of the employee's well-being.

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