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Assignment 3Personal Case StudyReflection(Example 1)NameStudent number

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The purpose of this report is to critically reflect on a decision made in the workplace that resulted in a less than satisfactory outcome.

I am employed by a local electrical power distribution company. I am the nominated chairman of a company-wide workgroup whose purpose is to design and implement an Inspection and Test Quality Process (ITQP)for electrical assets which are being constructed onto our electrical network. The documentation consists of a quality framework and detailed commissioning check lists and test reports for each item of electrical equipment.

Our workgroup progresses the relevant documents to a point where they are issued as draft documents to field technicians who complete the work and sign off the checks and tests on the reports as they are completed. It is quite an intensive effort to manually produce the required amount of documentation for a project, so the workgroup raised a proposal to expedite this process and at the same time produce efficiency gains to the process.

The workgroup decided to engage an external consultant to complete the automation of the ITQP framework. This report analyses the effects of that decision on the process, and reflects on possibly better ways that decisions can be made when the relevant information is known.


The decision to engage the consultant was deemed necessary by all group members as being the most logical, timely and effective way to achieve the automation of our developed ITQP process. Through the many previous months of arduous compilation of data and template formatting we achieved through regular meetings, the group recognised that a specialist was required to develop a more efficient process of rolling out the documentation required for project work. This...