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This study guide is intended to assist in reviewing the reading materials for the first four weeks of class. I assume that each student has completed all the assigned readings, participated in the threaded discussions, and generally knowledgeable about the material.

Each chapter in the text is organized by Headings and Sub Headings. This study guide identifies the sections of each chapter by heading for which to focus your study efforts.

The quiz is an open book quiz. Therefore, it is more important to have a general understanding of the contents of each section and where you might find information on a specific topic. I would not spend a lot of time memorizing information, assuming that you have read the text and will use this guide in your efforts.

Chapter 1 – TCOs A and E

The Roemer Model of a Health Services System

Pages 5-8

System Values: Access, Cost, and Expenditures, and Quality

Pages 8-9

Chapter 2 – TCOs A and E

Distinguishing Health from Illness and Disease

Pages 15-26

Factors That Affect Care-Seeking Behavior

Pages 26-29

Models of Health Services Utilization

Pages 30-38

Chapter 3 – TCOs A & E

Access to Health Services

Pages 45-47

Factors Affecting Access to Health Services

Pages 47-53

Public and Private Health Insurance

Pages 55-70

Chapter 6 – TCOs C, D, & E

Major Financing Mechanism for U.S. Health Services

Pages 109-127

Self Funded and Public Health Insurance

Pages 128-149

Chapter 7- Financing of Health Services

How Health Services are Financed

Pages 175-199

Provider Payment Mechanisms

Pages 199-205

Chapter 8 – TCOs A & B

The Development of the Medical Profession in the United States

Pages 215-229

Advance Practice Nurses

Pages 235-240

Chapter 11 – TCOs A & C

The Continuum of Health Services

Pages 306-314

Chapter 12 –...