Samsung Initiative

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Samsung Initiative

Business Law (LEG 100)

due November 25, 2010

Samsung Initiatives

Describe the company and the major initiatives they have planned for the next 5 years.

The Samsung Group (Samsung) is a South Korean international conglomerate that makes all types of electronic products under the Samsung brand. Samsung is said to make exports that consist of fifth of all exports made by Korean companies, and its revenues alone would make Samsung the world’s 35th largest economy. Americans know Samsung for producing products like television, washer and dryer, smart phone, camcorder, printer, and DVD among many Samsung products.

Samsung like other major companies has what is called Green Initiatives. Samsung aims to become one of the most eco-friendly companies in the world by year 2013. To reach such lofty goal, Samsung wants to “reduce greenhouse emissions, offer more eco-friendly products, build eco-management partnerships around the world, and invest in eco-friendly R&D design facilities.” (“Samsung in $4.2 bln ‘green’ initiative”, 2009) More specifically, Samsung says it will spend $4.3 billion to go green by cutting air pollutant emissions by 50% by 2013 from 2008 levels and promised to develop energy-efficient products that use less operating and standby power to operate. In addition, Samsung wants to boost making its products using recyclable and eco-friendly materials. (Samsung to go Green, 2011)

By taking such drastic measures to improve its image as eco-friendly, Samsung is following the footsteps of many other well known companies like Wal-Mart and Dell in going green. Samsung is also affecting its much...