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Level 1: Global Business Community-Macroenvironmental Factors

A. Society/Subcultures

Publix has emerged itself into society by being a viable grocery chain, based in the Southeast. With over a thousand stores, there’s bound to be a Publix in your community within the region. What sets Publix apart is that they have a philosophy for meeting the needs of its consumers. Publix has done this by taking care of its associates, customers, and suppliers by utilizing resources, which includes both people and merchants within the community. In other words if there is a Publix within that community, its philosophy is to meet the needs of the people within the community. Consumers like to feel valued and Publix has a tried and true track record of doing this. Employees are trained in building and maintaining personal relationships with its customers. Employees are diversified and must be able to deal with a diversified group of consumers.

Publix was rated in 1997 as one of the best companies to work for by Fortune Magazine.

Customer service, product quality, shopping environment, competitive pricing and convenient locations are all important to customers. Publix prides itself on all four with the thought that all are needed to “take care of the customer” in a way that they will want to come back. Knowing the business, knowing the product, knowing the customer, and continuously training people has been Publix response to attracting customers and keeping customers.

B. Demographics/Sociocultural

Because of its different product offerings, customers of Publix are of all nationalities, races, age, educational background and gender. The clientele of Publix seems to be loyal to the brand. The company’s philosophy of “caring for people” communicates its understanding of consumers’ need for a great shopping experience. Publix has used its “employee appreciation” philosophy to help make customers feel personally valued. This has contributed retaining and...