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Prioritized Equipment List

Laboratory Support

July 17, 2012

5 year plan capital equipment*

Items in Yellow are the ones we referred to in the memo.

Unexpected “New” Classes for Spring 13

1. Equipment needed for the new Advanced Pharmaceutical Compounding

2 each Exakt 50 3-roll Ointment Mill 2x4500.00, 9,000.00

Fisher Scientific, 3530

2 each Unguator B/R Electronic Mortar and Pestle

Fisher Scientific, 3440, 2x1275.00, 2550.00

5 each ProFill 100 Capsule Filling Machine size #0

Fisher Scientific, 3862, 5x925.00, 4625.00

Total – 18,601.25

2. Equipment needed for new Dental Hygiene Dental Materials

1 Amalgamator

Patterson Dental, 08309480, 429.00

4 Vibrators

Patterson Dental, 732-8594, 4x84.95, 339.80

2 Grinders

Patterson Dental, 048-9765, 2x949.65, 1899.30

1 Vacuum Forming Unit

Patterson Dental, 090-9879, 339.00

Physical Plant Labor, unknown(WILL SEND)

Total – 6,608.29+

Projected Lab Equipment

3. 4 Cell Washers* 30,916.84.00

The cell washers are used in the CHRP Med Tech Blood Banking labs. We have four machines functioning and three non-functioning and un-repairable. These machines are used constantly in the labs during the spring semester by the Med Tech students (22 this year) and distance Med Tech students (8 this year). Each machine will hold a complement of 12 tubes, the number needed by one student’s lab work, and will run for 5 minutes with each batch. It would facilitate the efficiency of the classes each week and make the best use of student and faculty time if we had six machines so the students did not have to stand in line so long in order to run their labs. With two additional machines for back up, it would not be...