Lincoln on Leadership

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"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln. The book I am reporting on is Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips. This book was published by Warner Books on February 1, 1993 and has 188 pages. The book is organized into four different “parts.” The theme for the book is analyzing the leadership strategies of a man that was given the task of not only holding together a nation that was at war with itself, but also rebuilding and improving it in the process.

One of the most important leadership qualities that Lincoln possessed would have to be personal approach. He was known for leaving the White House and going to visit the public and the troops. This develops good morale around you because you show everyone that you are not above them and that is something that I shall recreate as a leader. The thing that Lincoln was most known for was his honesty and integrity. I cannot speak enough on now important it is to possess both of those traits as a leader. If people feel that they cannot trust you, then they never will. I have always been commended for my honest approach and I will continue to possess that quality once I step into a leadership position. Another famous attribute of Lincoln’s was his caring nature. This is another thing that I have in common with the former President. I have always cared deeply for others and I believe that if you want to lead a group of people, no matter how big, that you must care for them in order for them to care for you and accept you as their leader.

One leadership trait that Lincoln possessed stirred up some controversy for him quite often but I find it very respectable and that was his “tell it like it is” approach to everything. Not everyone agreed with Lincoln’s stance on things or the way he worded them but as a leader you cannot hide anything from your subordinates. By telling it how it is, Lincoln...