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In today's society, the question of whether 'men and women are born or made' is one that causes quite a bit of controversy. Gender is a socialization process which makes one believe he or she is male or female to which certain duties are allocated. Sex, on the other hand, is associated with biological features one is born with which makes a person either man or woman. Gender, due to the fact that it is a socialization process and starts right from birth, has proven to be more superior and stronger than sex. So does your sexual organ necessarily determine who and what you are?

When a man is weak, he is classified as a woman. Just as a woman who acts all tough and strong, is called a man. In some communities in Africa, when a baby girl is born she is referred to as an "animal", but a baby boy is referred to as human. The females are not educated formally, is left to take care of the house chores, and learn from her mother how to keep her husband happy. This is all done to let her know she is female and is therefore, inferior to males. In some other countries, women are made by their fathers and husbands. Marriage is chosen by their families. This is a clear case of hegemonic masculinity.

I happen to believe that we are all made, then born. We are all "made" at conception, when sperm reproduces, then we are all "born" or our birthdays. That is why it is called our birthday. "Day of birth." I also believe that we are trained and taught how to be a man or woman, rather than being born one.

When our economy takes a downfall, some people tend to think they are privileged and if someone else seems to have it better, it is discrimination. Hegemonic masculinity often stands in contrast to other class, race, and sexuality-based masculinities. There are racial, class, and sexuality differences in men's and women's views, and appeals made on that basis. People's beliefs have changed throughout the years, older generations took pride in working hard, making their own...