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This handout describes the Term Project. This project may be done by an individual student or by a group of up to three students. A substantial part of your grade in this class will be from this term project. You should get started on this project right away so you will have sufficient time to do an excellent job on it.

The term project is not a term paper; you will actually be doing your own research into an environmental topic. I have listed many potential ideas in Attachment D to this handout. Some of these project ideas involve hands-on field studies, some are surveys you will design and analyze, and some involve investigations into how your local towns deal with various environmental issues in the community. Read over these suggestions carefully. One of them might spark your interest or start you thinking about an idea of your own.

Check the course schedule for when to submit your project topic and the names of all persons in your group if not working on your own. Feel free to discuss your ideas and questions about your research topic with me. Besides your project topic, you should state your hypothesis and include a brief outline of how you plan to collect your data. I have attached a form (Attachment C) to submit this information. Later in the course, you will be asked for a more detailed status report on your project.

The term project will result in a paper written in the scientific style. Check the course schedule for when the paper is due.


The paper should be formatted like a scientific study. It should include the following sections:

• Title

• Author(s)

• Abstract

• Introduction

• Materials and methods

• Results

• Discussion

• Conclusion (optional)

• Reference list

• Attachments (optional)

Please refer to Attachment B on scientific papers for more information.

Please refer to Attachment A for how the paper will be graded.

Term Project Paper - Scoring