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How to buy a copyrightContact the author's agent, or the author directly if there isn't an agent, to determine if the book rights are for sale .


直接联系作者的代理人或作者,如果没有代理人,以确定如果这 本书的权利出售。


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* You should consider contacting the copyright office to see if anyone already filed a copyright on the book .您应该考虑联系版权局看到,如果有人已经提出了对书的版权。 This could alter the agreement if the author already owns the copyright or negate the deal from the start if you learn someone else owns the copyright.这可能会改变的协议,如果作者已经拥有版权或从一开始就否定,如果你学习别人拥有版权的处理。

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Draw up a contract detailing the rights you're buying from the author . 制定详细的合同的权利,你从作者购买。

* Most important is whether you're buying all rights, exclusive rights or non-exclusive rights.最重要的是,无论你购买的所有权利,专有权或非独家权利。 If you're not buying all rights, list the exclusive rights you're buying, such as if you have the right to publish the literary work in hardback, paperback or trade paperback form and/or you're allowed to merchandise the published products via mass market or direct mail.如果你不买的所有权利,列出你买的独家代理权,例如,如果您有发布权的文学作品中的精装书,平装书或商业平装书的形式和/或允许你发布的产品到商品通过大规模的市场或直接邮寄。

* Include how long you'll own the book rights, which is generally for as long as the copyright is valid.包括多久,你将自己的书的权利,一般只要是有效的版权。

* List if you're buying worldwide rights to publish the book in any country, or if you're limited to certain...