Eu-Indonesia Business Dialogue - Recommendation for Increased Trade and Investment Between Indonesia and the European Union

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november 8 - 9, 2012, Bali - Indonesia

EU-IndOnEsIa BUsInEss dIalOgUE 2012

Recommendation for Increased Trade and Investment between Indonesia and the European Union




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8 november 2012

EU-IndOnEsIa BUsInEss dIalOgUE 2012 This papers do not reflect any official governments position.




Introduction Sectors 1. Automotive 2. Food and Beverages 3. Infrastructure 4. Pharmaceuticals 5. Textile and Garments Cross Sector Topics 1. Intellectual Property Rights 2. Sustainability

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EU-IndOnEsIa BUsInEss dIalOgUE 2012




Indonesia and the European Union have a strong relationship. Companies from the European Union have invested over Us$ 130 billion in Indonesia and employ more than 1 million Indonesians. Indonesia is one of the European Union’s most important suppliers of a large number of essential commodities. In the last ten years, Indonesia’s exports to the European Union have doubled to Us$ 22 billion. The economies of Indonesia and the European Union are a perfect fit: the range of goods traded is largely complementary. This makes the relationship between the two economies of strategic importance to both. at the same time though, the potential of trade and investment between Indonesia and the European Union is far from being fully utilised. European technologies in areas such as energy, transportation and agriculture are available to increase the competitiveness of the Indonesian economy, and European buyers appreciate the quality of a wide range of Indonesian products including food, garments, interior decoration and electronics. Regulatory and social developments in the European Union and Indonesia however, may create impediments to trade and investment. The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KadIn Indonesia) and the joint European Chambers of Commerce in Indonesia...