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Organizational Leadership Program

The article on strategic assessment and plan, a four phase approach, is important for all leaders in every organization to implement as part of their business plan. The four phase approach focuses on the mission of the organization, the leader’s responsibilities, and analyze the environment in which the organization function. In strategic planning, an organization must identify what and how to get from the current state to some future state and still remain competitive while a delivering high payoff results. Moreover, the process of strategic planning focuses mostly on the strengths and weaknesses internally through the use of the SWOT analysis. To be successful, however, organizations need a systems, structures, and practices of leadership that bring forth a collaborative effort from employees and followers. The leader must provide a compelling vision, set direction, motivate, inspire, and determine the strategies in reaching those organizational goals. The kind of leadership must incorporate people who share power and join forces to move toward the accomplishment of a shared goal. Also the leadership that embodies the appropriate use of power, the transformational approach to life and work, the potential for creating positive change throughout our organization, and the commitment to growth of employees. As servant leaders do. In a nutshell, servant leadership encourages group-oriented approach to decision making so as to strengthen an organization from the bottom up.

According to the article, strategic planning involves identifying their mission, value, and vision for the future by determining the customer’s needs while building their loyalty to organization products and services. On the other hand, it is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that the employees are motivated and committed to the mission and goals of the organization. The leader also must align employees with the...