Philippine Literature: Reflection of the Filipino Being

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Philippine Literature was able to invade minds and thoughts of many Filipinos before and at present. Why is it so? The Filipino readers were able to relate themselves because of its reflection to the Filipino being however; it does not answer the question and just repeat itself. But, can it be because scenes in the texts depicted the lives of the Filipino people? Or is it because its basis is the experience of its Filipino authors? Or is it because it displays the qualities and characteristics of the Filipinos?

Many writers use their own experiences and observation as basis for their literary works and writings. In fact, some portray themselves as the protagonist in the story. Hence, concepts for their short stories and poems reflect the “Filipino-ness” since it is inspired in real life situation of the Filipinos. For instance, the text “Rice” wherein the scenes and events the main character is experiencing are analogous to what Filipino farmers in rural areas is currently encountering. Moreover, using farmer as protagonist is a clear representation of being a Filipino, it is trying to convey the class distinctions present in Philippine society. “Bread of Salt” is implying the same message, the realization that union of the rich and the poor is not possible due to the fact that they are separated by literary class relations.

The text “The Conversion” manifests the Filipino belief through the portrayal of Filipino actions. Since Filipinos are very conservative to their beliefs they tend to discriminate people and persons that seems unnatural or beyond their class or status. For example, the gay in the text “The Conversion” is under discrimination of his father due to the fact that society sees him to be abnormal. Also, the story “My Father Goes to Court” is implying the same thing. Because the poor family is beyond the level of the rich they have been discriminated. Moreover, by the use of power and authority we dictate persons below us and punish them anytime we...