Training Related Issues and Challenges in Indian Automobile Industry

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Training Related Issues and Challenges in Indian Automobile Industry

Mr. Joseph Tharayil, Research Scholar DAVV, Indore (MP),

Dr. Vijaylaxmi Iyengar, Director &and Professor, BM College, Indore (M.P),


Abstract: Automobile industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of contribution to GDP as well as employment opportunity. The huge market potential and the availability of labor force have attracted many of the leading automobile industries to India. With the expansion of the Indian automobile industries to foreign countries through mergers and acquisition and entry of foreign automobile giants to India, the Indian Automobile Industry has become a multinational industry. As the Automobile products produced in India is marketed in India as well as world over, it has become a necessity for the Indian Automobile Industry to upgrade them to meet the international standards. This necessity has forced this industry to improve the quality of the workforce. As majority of the employees are from Indian background and the required performance is of International standard, the transition to be achieved through training is of higher order within a short time span. This has given rise to many Issues and Challenges related to training in Indian Automobile Industry. This paper is trying to bring out the issues and challenges related to training in Indian Automobile Industry.

Keywords: Automobile Industry, training, issues and challenges, training process, employee.



Indian automobile industry is expanding exponentially as a result of global economic development. This has created increased demand for world class vehicles in India. “India has the potential to be one of the three great economies of the 21st century, together with...