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Corporate Compliance Plan

Ogiageli Nsude, Revocatus Kalege,Gabriel Tarwoe Sr ,Michael Asibu,

Law /531

February 9, 2010

Steven Hoffmeyer

Corporate Compliance Plan

Riordan Manufacturing,

An organization in manufacturing business, in this tough global competition must have a comprehensive plan to execute in order to out perform its competitors. The plan must have the framework of ethical principles that will guide managers and employees behavior. It must also reflect the organization’s cultural values that safeguard and uplift the company’s reputation. Moreover, it must work to meet shareholder expectation by maximizing dividends, at the same, customer’s satisfaction must be paramount. The company should uphold strong regulations set by the government. Below is a workable plan constructed by team C, as a compliance plan for Riordan Manufacture, a legal tool for the company as it strive to meet both public and internal expectations.

Legal forms of business

Riordan Manufacturing Inc: form of business is a corporation as provided in the company’s corporate governance plan and as the name ‘Inc’ suggests (Riordan Corporate Governance Plan 2010).

Riordan Manufacture, as a corporative business composes with the following characteristics:


The corporation has a legal outfit that is solely in charge of legal matters like the filling of articles of in corporation and business registration which are the requirements for the formation of a corporation.


An overview of the corporation’s consolidated balance sheet reveals its source of funding otherwise referred to as Liabilities and Stockholder’s equity in the balance sheet (Riordan Finance and Accounting sheet, 2005). From its records in 2004 and 2005, Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity amounted to $33,856,256 and $34,592,182 respectively.


Riordan Manufacturing Board of Directors are responsible for overall management of business affairs of the...