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Phenomenology Towards Moving On: Common Coping Experiences of Adolescents who Experienced a Breakup from a Heterosexual Romantic Relationship

Faye Cayab

Jessica Galang

Eden Ramos

Frances Trinidad

De La Salle University- Manila


The present study is a phenomenological inquiry on the subjective experiences of several adolescents regarding romantic relationship breakup and their coping strategies. Five adolescents who had already experienced breakup were selected and interviewed individually. Another six adolescents were selected and interviewed as a group (FGD). A phenomenological approach was used in order to describe this lived experience and its meanings. Data were analyzed by using the thematic analysis in Psychology. Results revealed the existence of three phases for the breakup process namely: identified reasons, mode of breakup, and initial reactions. There are six themes for identified reasons (recognized individualistic preferences; partner’s undesirable characteristics/action; experienced burnout; illegal relationship; emergence of potential partner; lessened communication), two themes for mode of breakup (personal; impersonal), and one main theme for initial reaction (emotionally distressed) For the coping experiences, seven themes were identified (distractions; social support networks; opened oneself to possibilities; conscious thought elimination; found someone special; maladaptive strategies; time). The different themes were then explained by the use of relevant literatures.

The hottest love, has the coldest end –Socrates

       Anyone who has experienced a breakup from a romantic relationship will agree with Socrates that the love that was once so smooth ended up so roughly. Pain is usually the feeling that individuals experience after a breakup. Because of the memories of that “hot love,” that had finished with a “cold end,” the moving on process becomes a challenge. Indeed, breakup is something that makes individuals who has...