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what u’ve been up to?/be up to/be up for

what’s been going on?

How do u come to be in sp?=Why do u come to sp?

Has anyone thought about what happens when u get there?

How r we going to know u r all right?

How long since u’ve been here?

How come……怎么会……

how’d it go?

tend to

be meant to do/be meant for/be intended to do(for)

mean no harm, be bound to一定会

call for邀约要求, call in=gather, call off=cancel, cut down=reduce


gouge sth out挖出来,刨出来, steward管家乘务员工会管事

smell of sth 有……的气味/catch a smell of, lay down ground rules基本法则

look sth up in the dictionary/consult the dictionary

apply A to B把A涂抹到B, screwdriver螺丝刀, socket/plug base/seat插座

the gland nut has come away from the spindle.螺母要脱离轴心/梭芯上了。

the washer valve has eroded.皮圈阀门损坏侵蚀了the other day不久前某一天;几天以前

mount the picture/get the picture mounted把画裱起来, drop sb off把某人送到并放下

fill in the form/the form is filled in, of no interest to me我不感兴趣, puzzle out苦苦思索

pasteurize高温加热消毒, ambitions bounded被束野心, give sb a refund退款

make the best of things随遇而安 尽力而为 往好处想, expect better of sth 期待……会更好

jiggle sth a bit轻摇晃/bang sth lightly轻敲, made up of leather手工制作,牛皮制成的

disregard置之不理无视, No way that……不可能……,take a curtain call谢幕

knock u out (of sth)把你彻底打败,被淘汰出局, knock on the door

unless, other than that, always have a hard/rough time doing一向很难做……

call the shots掌控全局,发号施令,做主, off-cuts边角料, arouse hunger激起饥饿感

make my point这是我的重点, case in point举例来说, be to one’s advantage对某人有利

I don’t suppose they’ll be paying for the journey back.

I hope the first item will be announcing your return. r u able to cope?你能处理好吗?

what’s in it for u?对你有什么好处?fuss about sth忙得团团转,瞎忙一气,大惊小怪

as long as u like你想多久就多久,all u likes, returnable, reversible, irreversible

grow tired of sth, pick the nose挖鼻孔, pawn棋子/典当物,人质feminist女权主义者sartorial裁缝的, downbeat强拍,flip轻弹翻转, sb of one/same/like mind意见一致

There's a flip side to everything任何事都有两面, on the premise前提

exploded泛滥的暴涨的, Status Bar状态栏, all in the mind凭空想象

I scarcely dare think of the price of...