Customer Satisfaction on Ab Bank

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INTRODUCTION Bank as the financial services industry is approaching full historical cycle. Originally the banking system operated as full service industry, performing directly or indirectly all financial services. Banks are direct agents to create opportunities for development in a country and also provide large scale of employment opportunities. Banks mobilize savings and make it advances to investors and by this process make profit. As they deal with public money, their form of business is different from others. Banks must refund public’s money when they demand & qualityful services either it makes or not. So, overall operation system of bank should be evaluated carefully. Banking sector is expanding its hand in different financial events every day. At the same time the banking system is becoming faster, easier and the banking area is becoming wider. As the demand for better service increases day by day, they are coming with different innovative ideas & products. In order to survive in the competitive field of the banking sector, all banking organizations are looking for better service opportunities to provide their fellow clients. As a result, it has become essential for every person to have some idea on the bank and banking system. The evaluation of banking system is a complex process involving interactions between the environment, internal operations, and external activities. The ultimate objective of management is to maximize the value of bank’s equity shares by attaining the optimal mix of returns and risks. In this respect bank management needs to develop a comprehensive plan in order to identify objectives, goals, budgets and strategies that will be consistent with the maximization of share values. In researcher’s thesis paper, researcher has selected one private commercial bank to evaluate the banking system in our banking industry. This is NCC Bank LTD. This bank has a great impact in our economy. NCC Bank LTD has been operating their services from 1985...