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Art Degree Sample admission essay

I have always lived by the quote: “Mistakes are not failures. Quitting is the true failure.” This quote speaks quite simply about not giving up and about realizing one’s dreams to the very end. When a person has a goal, it is important never to lose sight of that goal, even though wrong decisions have been made and even if there are missed opportunities along the way. My path toward my goal may have gone through a detour, but I believe that my decision to take up an Art degree at this institute will place me on the right path, allowing me to improve on my skills and to realize my dreams.

Beginning the age of 15, I’ve always dreamed of pursuing my passion for the arts and getting my formal education at the _________. However, financial problems have kept me from attending the school, and for a time, I chose another path, taking up a web design degree from another school. I was never able to finish my degree from this school, and now I have decided to apply for a slot at the one institution that I know will be highly instrumental to my future success in my chosen field.

My commitment to my craft and my future career goals make me a good candidate for the __________. I plan to work in a web design company after finishing my degree and, hopefully, manage my own business one day. The obstacles that I have gone through have given me the resilience to rise above anything, and not to let poverty discourage me from my aspirations. Through my time management skills, I know I will be able to attend classes, activities, and meetings on time. Also, I will make sure that I have something to contribute to the discussions by being prepared and by studying and researching on what is required. With the standard of excellence that the institute is renowned for, I hope to be able to make my own contribution, through conscious effort and utmost dedication.

In the future, I envision myself working for a web design or web development company...