Contextual Factors

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Baily Burnette

11 February 2013

Elementary Methods

Contextual Factors

Black Fox Elementary School is in Cleveland Tennessee in the Bradley County School System.


The community surrounding Black Fox is a community that has a population of 41,285 according to the 2010 census with nearly every race and religion being represented. The work force includes 5 Fortune 500 companies and many small businesses according to the Cleveland City website.

The community is active in sponsoring the schools and events in the area through such things as team support for athletic programs, parental involvement in the schools and the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.

“Thanks to a persistent vision of BCS Coordinated School Health office, the resources of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the funding from the United Way Bradley Memorial Health Endowment Fund grant; and partnerships with Sky Ridge Medical and Erlanger Hospitals, a pilot program has been instituted to provide medical services through the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile to students at 3 Bradley County schools. No longer will students have to go without medical treatment if they don't lack the opportunity to visit a physician. The Care Mobile is a state-of-the-art, fully equipped medical unit staffed by a nurse practitioner and a program director. Triage will be provided by the individual school nurse. Care Mobile practice and procedural oversight will be furnished by Dr. Melissa Hamp, a physician with Erlanger Hospital.” –Bradley County Schools website.


The Bradley County school district consists of 17 schools that are all defined as safe schools by the Tennessee Department of Education. The district serves all grades Pk-12 with 9,918 students and 632 teachers. Below is a chart showing student body demographics according to the 2012 Report Card.

Student Body Demographics View Chart ?

# of Students % of Students

African American 299 2.9

Asian / Pacific Islander 48 .5