Effects of Alcohol Abuse

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I am going to go over the short versus long term effects of alcohol. The concentration of alcohol in blood is measured in terms of the blood alcohol content. Alcohol is absorbed into the body at different rates. Cell membranes are highly permeable to alcohol so once the alcohol is in the bloodstream it takes over the entire body. For instance it will absorb more slowly into the body after you eat a large meal. It also absorbs more slowly if you hydrate with water between alcoholic beverages. The initial short term effects of alcohol are feelings of relaxation mixed with feelings of happiness and being more outgoing. After these initial happy feelings, the more negative effects of the alcohol begin. The first of which is blurred vision. Blurred vision is only the beginning of the effects of alcohol has on the body. What this blurred vision means is that you will not be able to see as well as you normally would and with that blurred vision comes coordination problems. You wont be able to walk straight, you will begin wobbling and stumbling and bumping into things. Also coming with these coordination problems are the problems of slurred speech, meaning that your words will not come out the way you intend them to. This, when being looked at from someone who is not consuming alcohol makes the person who is consuming the alcohol sound very ignorant and uneducated. During the time that you are consuming the alcohol you may not feel the difference in the way you’re acting. Beyond the effects of looking and acting stupid it has more negative effects based on the amount of alcohol you have consumed. The negative effects on your body are determined by the amount of alcohol you consume and the time period in which you consume this alcohol. The effects of the alcohol on your body are based on tolerance and an individual’s response to a certain amount of alcohol. Based on the blood alcohol content these are the short term effects of alcohol. When your blood alcohol content...