Human Resource Management Overview

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This paper will address what human resource management is, the primary function of human resource management, and the role of human resource management in an organization’s strategic plan. The business dictionary describes human resource management as, “The process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization”. To me that means that human resource management is responsible for selecting the employees they see will best fit the organization and making sure that they are trained so that the organization to can be successful.

The primary functions of human resource management are divided into two parts (Desimone et al, 2002, pp. 8-9) as follows:

A. Primary functions of human resource management

1. Human resource planning: This is related to planning for both present and future demand and supplies. This is required to study the external market, and changes so that the planners can conduct a strategic plan in advance.

2. Equal employment opportunity: This is concerned with both moral and legal responsibilities of the organizations through prevention of discriminatory policies, procedures and practices that are relevant to hiring, training, compensating, and appraising.

3. Staffing (recruitment and selection): It mainly deals with the identification of potential applicants for current and future openings and for assessing and evaluating in order to make a selection and placement decision.

4. Compensation and benefits: This copes with an equitable internal wage structure, a competitive benefits package, as well as incentives tied to individual, teams or organizational performance.

5. Employees (labor) relation: It is related to the communication system that employees can address their problems and grievances. This included unionized organizations and labor relations.

6. Health, Safety and Security: This annexes to promoting a safety and health work environment that includes safety training, employees’...