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Level of performance

Rating factors Unsatisfactory Conditional Satisfactory Above

satisfactory Outstanding


Sales Performance




Quality of work

Interpersonal Skills

Job Knowledge

Customer Service

Problem Solving





This is the appraisal form I would consider for my employee team. This company would use the graphic rating scale. (Cascio, 2005) Each of the employees would be rated on this scale because it would allow the manager to see who is above average and who is considered unsatisfactory. By using this scale it allows the manager to get everything done in a timely manner without falling behind on the next employees. This company would use the self performance every other performance.

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The type of feedback I would use is the narrative essay. It’s good for individual feedback and development, but difficult to make comparisons across employees, and the company would also use the graphic rating scales (including BARS). “This scale is easy to use, very helpful for providing feedback for individual development and facilitating comparisons across employees. BARS are very time consuming to develop, but dimensions and scale points are defined clearly. Graphic rating scales often do not define dimensions or scale points clearly.”(Cascio, 2005) The opportunity that the employees will have is that he or she will be able to grow in the company. The employees will also be able to improve on what they are lacking. The opportunities the employee would have are the ability to reach his or her goals that he or she has set for themselves and the company.

Each employee would be able to reach a higher level of performance by listening to the results of the appraisal. He or she would be able to set mutual goals for themselves, and the company would encourage that he or...