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Western Governors University

LAE1 “Assessment Essay”

17 April 2013

I am writing this essay to my family with the objective being an informative/persuasive letter. The informative nature of the memo will be to highlight my dream vacation, and the persuasive intent is in getting them to agree to go on vacation with me at the chosen destination. My essay to accomplish these goals is below:

Dear Family,

You all know how I have often romanced the notion of getting us together for an exotic dream vacation; one without compromising on luxury, sophistication, or trendy ambiance. The type of ambiance which appeals to both, the discerning materialistic and intellects; a place which comforts, while simultaneously stimulating the brain with the smells and sights of nature, fine foods, spirits, and friends. I believe I have found a place worthy of our comfort levels, and yet, simple and naturalistic. Oh my, and I have not even mentioned their food…So, please allow me to tell you about Royal Hideaway, a five star luxury resort located in Mexico.

Royal Hideaway is located on a pristine stretch of white sand beach on Mexico’s tropical Caribbean side, just five minutes south of Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya's busiest, trendy beach town. This sophisticated, and chic property (an all-inclusive, adult’s only) optimizes a winning balance between boutique, trendy, and coasty casual. Stimulating in so many ways; its lush exotic gardens, private pools and an abundance of activities like, water sports, fishing and snorkeling, tennis, golf, and excursions to nearby archeological sites. The property, simply defined, is beach-chic elegance; where encounters with wild, but gentle Iguana’s, occasionally interrupt your stroll to and from the beach. During the day, most guests seem to relax and take in the sun by the enormous, lushly landscaped infinity pool and oceanfront multi-tiered deck. Both provide perfect place’s to bask in the sun; all while being served fresh...