Differences of Religion

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Differences of Religion

When looking back throughout history, no one can ignore the effects religion has had on all aspects of society. No one can ignore the roles different religions have played in governments, civilizations, or populations. While the different peoples could never come to a consensus on one specific religion, it is important to understand the different customs of different religions. There are many similarities and differences between many worldly religions, more specifically Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism.

Christianity’s history is dated back into Jewish ancestry and covers the roughly three-hundred books in the Old Testament, mostly detailing an upcoming Messiah who would become humanity’s Savior. Christians believe this savior to be Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem around two-thousand years ago. In fact, the New Testament extensively details the birth of Jesus from his virgin mother, Mary. A revolution was brought about by the birth of Jesus, including a recovery of the Judaism religion, in which Christianity was once considered a sect of. It would later be the teachings of Jesus that would establish the base of Christianity, with the ideas of salvation and eternal peace. As Jesus was delivering his messages of salvation and eternal peace, he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples. Jesus was held on charges of treason and blasphemy, incarcerated, and crucified. The New Testament book of Matthew discusses that the following Sunday his tomb was empty, and explains his resurrection. In second century Rome, Christianity was banned, yet continued to grow and in the third century, Christianity was became more supported, thanks in part to Emperor Constantine. There were differences, however, between the Greek East and Latin West, including the use of icons, the day of Easter celebration, and the nature of the Holy Spirit, that led to Christianity being divided into three branches. The Roman Catholic...