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A portfolio is important in the 21st century job market because it shows people what you are capable of doing. It will organize your skills and show employers all of your skills of what you did.

The Resume Don’ts

Don’t title your resume as “Resume” start with your full name.

Don’t mail or fax if email is an option.

Don’t go over one page.

Don’t use fancy fonts.

Don’t use personal pronouns “I”, “my” or “me”

Don’t use passive words.

Don’t use colorful paper – white, buff or beige is standard.

Don’t include a picture or other artwork.

Don’t lie. Brag but never lie.

Don’t include your whole life’s history.

Don’t include personal information.

Don’t include salary information.

Don’t say you were laid off or fired from your last position. Save it for the interview.

Don’t include personal references.

Don’t include “references available upon requests.” If they want them they will ask.

Don't include your age, height, weight, date of birth, marital status, sex, ethnicity, health, religion, or political affiliations.

The Resume DO’s

Do send your resume with a cover letter.

Do strive to make a good impression.

Do make your resume clear, concise and easy to read.

Do use BOLD or Underline for section headings.

Do emphasize your strongest qualifications.

Do focus on accomplishments, skills, and results.

Do print your resume on high quality 8 ½ by 11 paper.

Do make contacting you easy. i.e. consider including home & office telephone numbers.

Do include descriptive terms that include supportive facts and figures.

Do use short phrases, not long and complex sentences.

Do utilize action words.

Do list your most recent job/educational experience first.

Do list job titles, dates, cities and states.

Do use word processing and spell checkers.

Do ask 2 friends or colleague to proof read your resume.