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Magazine proposal

After extensive research, I have developed a new publication idea for an Australian soccer magazine. As I will demonstrate in detail later, available research and statistics have suggested that both an audience and an opening for such a publication exist. The reviewed material also shows that the number of publications in the market does not match the growing audience.

Publication and market overview

The soccer magazine, with the working title Australian Soccer Magazine, will be an international soccer magazine with an Australian angle. Its main focus will be international soccer news and features about the top international soccer leagues and competitions, but to separate it from other international soccer magazines, it will supplement with interviews and articles about Australian players and teams '' especially the overseas based Australian players. At the moment there exists only one monthly Australian soccer magazine: Soccer International. The two other magazines that make up the market for soccer magazines in Australia are 442 and World Football. The latter two, however, are produced in Europe, and lack the Australian angle that Australian Soccer Magazine aim for. With that in mind, one can say that the direct competition consists of only one other magazine.


As mentioned above, to make sure Australian Soccer Magazine reaches an as broad Australian audience as possible, it is important that it appeals both to the reader’s craving for news about international as well as Australian soccer. The contents of the magazine will thus be broadly divided into two sections; an international and an Australian one, which each will consist of news, features and interviews. Because the European soccer leagues are the most popular ones, the main focus of the international section will be European soccer. Other sections include a reader’s feedback section, which provides readers with opportunities to interact with, and thus come closer to...