Blimpies vs Subway Who Is More Successful and Has Better Marketing Strategies

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Subway® Sandwiches and Salads and Blimpie® are two large companies that provide a very similar service. Both sell subs, soup and salads and even prepare the food in the same manner. These 2 sandwich companies both have a great selling advantage. The fact that their menu does not consist of the usual burger, fries and onion rings sets them apart from the majority of the fast food market. Both businesses provide equally fast, fresh, healthy meals but Subway is the more accomplished of the two competitors.

Blimpie is the inferior of the two companies because the company has not yet obtained enough share of the market to beat out all of their competitors. Although the Blimpie franchiser website says that Blimpie's is #2 in the world, my research found that Blimpie comes in as the third largest sandwich chain in the United States, losing to Subway and one other chain. Subway, is such an enormous success that although they have Blimpie competing in the same market, they do not really consider the similar company to be one of their top intimidating competitors. Subway has approximately 16,810 restaurants in 74 countries second only to McDonald's in the number of units. Surprisingly, Subway surpasses McDonald's in US stores.

Blimpie International's products include cold subs, wraps, hot subs, salads, chips, cookies, brownies, beverages, and catering. The official mission statement is, "Blimpie International, Inc. is dedicated to increasing stakeholder value through developing, franchising, and supporting a portfolio of world-class brands". The Blimpie credo is: Passion, Quality, And Commitment. Only the best: It's an obsession at Blimpie. The best ingredients, the freshest produce, the highest quality meat, cheese, and freshly baked bread. Everything we put into our sandwiches is held to the highest standards. The Blimpie credo applies to menu offerings, franchisees, subfranchisors, master licensees, vendors, and business associates. Blimpie...