3 Classic Example of How to Use Techniques of Flash Portraits Location

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Technique 1: dark light lit main characters

    That is, using the flash under low light ambient light is dark, lit via TTL flash technology subject. When shooting, the flash shooting distance and according to ambient light, fill light quantity measurement, and then complete and accurate fill light.

  Twilight, using the model in the park flash fill light.

Technique 2: backlit screen characters calender highlights

    The flash has not only been used in low light conditions, on a clear day can also be used in portrait creation. Waterproof Small Phone Case,With backlit portraits, because the background is too bright, and the characters face in shadow, so regardless of which combination of exposure, only two situations: the sky is correctly exposed, the character or characters facial facial dark exposure is correct, but the sky a pale.

 At this point, can be used before an exposure combination because the main characters through flash fill light on, in conjunction with slow sync flash exposure, you can make a perfectly exposed background and is highlighted character in harmony.Waterproof Small Phone Case, Sometimes in order to create an effect, through the adjustment of the exposure value, but also can be a good pressure in the daytime dark background.

Skill 3: Slow flash sync techniques to make the background to get the perfect present

    Perfect background exposure and flash just the right combination of character is the famous slow flash synchronization techniques. Slow Synchro is Night Portrait and flash photography techniques commonly used. Although the flash exposure so that the subject can get enough fill light, but due to flash to illuminate the background behind the characters, so often there will be a subject to get enough light, but the background can not get enough exposure of a dark situation.

    Slow Sync is an effective way to solve this problem....