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In terms of living and dying, I think we all want to live for as long as we can. I think if it were possible, a lot of us would want to live forever. The fear of death is something that we all think about on a daily bases weather we mean to or not. We need basic things such as food and water to survive. We consume these things everyday because it’s a routine that we have gotten into ever since we were babies. Helping us grow and become stronger as we mature. Now more than ever, food and diet have become more important for us to live a longer, healthier life. There are new studies coming out everyday that are showing us that this food may reduce this risk or having this kind of diet and exercise will make you live X amount of years longer. We also go to see the doctors when we are sick or injured because we want to get better. Or maybe it is buckling your seat belt when driving a car because you know it can help save your life if an accident were to happen. Since I play hockey for a profession, it’s making sure I wear the proper equipment so I don’t get hurt. And even wearing a mouth guard so I don’t get brain damage. We all pay attention to it because we want to live as long as we can since life is so short

The fear of chaos goes hand in hand with the fear of death, as safety is such a key component for both. For example, when driving a car we have painted dividers on roads so that cars know to stay in their own lanes and signs to tell us where to go. If we didn’t have those available to us while we are driving, then the roads and interstates would be absolute chaos and wouldn’t be safe for anyone to drive. We also all want organization to make our lives smoother. This may be as simple as to creating a daily or weekly schedule to make sure that one is on top of things. Or it might be putting files in a file cabinet rather then having papers cluttered all over the place. We seek order to make our lives less stressful.

The future is a mystery to us all unless...